Miami Broward Carnival 2015

Summer is winding down here in North America, and its unofficial close was marked by the Labor Day Parade in Brooklyn, NY.  A great time was had by all! 

However things are NOW heating up in Florida with Miami Broward Carnival  just around the corner!  Fetes, Flag Parties, Food and Fun will be on tap all weekend long for the Columbus Day holiday!  Bands like Radikal International, Bajan Fuh Evah, Ti Chapo, and One Island Band will be showcasing their colors & creativity at the Carnival Parade on Sunday, October 11th.  And of course, for the first time we will be missing the sweet strains of Calypsonian Rootsman (Yaseu Isei) at the carnival. But he had been preparing us for this for years … "In Miami … When you miss me, I'll be there!"

Have a Safe & Happy Miami Broward Carnival and Stay Cool!!!

Sharon & Your Fans




Sharon Dottin
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