Virtual Miami Carnival 2020 Countdown!

'Twas the week before Miami Carnival and people were longing to re-connect with one another in celebrating this time-honored Caribbean cultural tradition! Here at Flag Fantasy we won't mention the number of years we've been making this annual October trek to Miami for a weekend filled with Caribbean parties, music, cuisine, friends and R&R on the beach! This is how we Partied in "Pre-Pandemic Times", but unfortunately that is not an option this year ... 

This year of course there will be no SocaVivor Color-Coded Wardrobe Fetes, or Joy's Roti Delight Parking Lot Limes prior to the Carnival Sunday Parade at Miami-Dade County Fairgrounds.

So instead we are thrilled to announce that Flag Fantasy will host an online Soca Social on Friday, October 9th from 9 pm – 11 pm, and Mr. Desmond of T&T's Wack Radio 90.1 FM will be offering some Soca Healing & Therapy to everyone we had hoped to meet and hug this upcoming weekend! We will be re-introducing the "Art of Socializing" in a virtual Soca Setting.  Sharon, Donar & Donna will be your hostesses for the night, and we look forward to meeting you at this FREE online Soca Social event where you can catch up with old friends (or make new ones), or choose to dance up close to the DJ Table to get the full impact of the Soca Vibes!  You can ONLY  join this event on a laptop or desktop computer with a Google Chrome browser!

On Friday night at 8:30 we will open up 2 Rooms at the Soca Social  Venue:

1) By De Bar and,

2) In De Fete

You will gain access to the 2 Rooms at the following link:

At that time, should you need any additional information on how to access the Rooms, please refer to an instruction video at

Remember ... Soca isn’t just Music ... it’s an Experience! It's a Soca Social event, and it's time to make some new memories! Stay Cool & Enjoy!

Source 🎶 | Rootsman – Miami Vibes 


Sharon & Your FANS at 

Sharon Dottin
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