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Flag Fantasy is pleased to have formed an alliance with Alexis Goods to spread an appreciation for our national flags & colors when having Fun in the Sun on the Beach ... all the while staying Cool! 

Alexis Goods Island Flag Swimwear is all about repping your culture in a stylish way.  They believe in taking pride in all the things that make you unique, while looking great doing it! 


When You're Sizzling Hot on the Beach and Want to be Cool About It!  Visit them at  



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You made it! Congratulations on embarking on the Flag Fantasy Experience!

The warm Caribbean vibes carefully caress your body and you know you’re looking good!  When you're Hot but want to be Cool about it … whip out one of our Flag Fantasy creations.  Go ahead … Wave your national colors and be cool about it!

In the US get FREE SHIPPING on our Flag Fantasy 5-Pak (Code: FF-5-Pak) or 15-Pak (Code: FF-15-Pak) of FlagFans of your choice just in time for summer events!  Discount applies when entered at check-out.  So get FlagFans for You & 4 Friends or for your next Fun Summer Party!  

And remember ... our products have a LIFETIME WARRANTY.  Should your FlagFan break under normal wear and tear, just mail it back to us and we will replace it at no additional cost to you!  Breathe easy & stay #Cool knowing our quality is guaranteed!

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