Howard University CSA 2018-2019 FlagFan


Howard University CSA 75th Anniversary!   

During the 2018-2019 school year, Howard University Caribbean Students' Association (HUCSA) celebrated the organization's 75th Anniversary during their Homecoming Tailgate in October 2018.  Flag Fantasy sends congratulations to the members of this group who strive for academic excellence while also making significant contributions to their communities both here in the US, and "back home" in the Caribbean.  From organizing GoFundMe Campaigns for students in need of Financial Support to participating in cultural activities that embrace the traditions and diversity of the Caribbean, these students have shown the resolve, tenacity & breadth of character it takes to enrich the value of this HBCU.  

Many Nations, One Family … Many Cultures, One Love!  Truly an historically significant year to "Rally 'Round D West Indies" in our Nation's Capital! 


Our customized wood hand fans are made from the finest materials to ensure that you stay cool when the going gets tough. They include 24 pieces of wood ribs and 11.5 cm of fabric with a customized flag design. These fans measure approximately 23 cm in length, or 42 cm unfolded.

Round up your friends NOW, and place your orders in time for upcoming events! Contact us directly for Discount Codes for minimum order quantities of 50 FlagFans! 

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