Rio Sambodromo

Countdown to Rio CarnavaI!  In just a few days the Sambodromo will be buzzing with excitement as Samba Schools make their annual elaborate presentation of the theme, music, costumes and dance that they have been working on for many months.  

FlagFantasy wishes all the Brazilians and their visitors a Safe & Happy Carnaval!

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Video: Exclusive:  Inside Rio Sambadrome

The highlight of Rio Carnival is undoubtedly the Rio Carnival Parade called the Samba Parade or Samba Schools Parade, a totally unique event in the world!

The Rio Samba Parade is the review of a fierce competition between the Rio samba schools. The judges and spectators watch the principal parades in the Sambodromo, which was especially built for this event. 

Sharon Dottin
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