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2021 Virtual Carnival Extravaganza!

The first ever “Popup Shop” of its kind is about to go down on Thursday & Friday, July 1st & 2nd!  After a year and a half of doing things “different”, Face Candy Studio is embracing the new reality and hosting a Virtual Carnival Extravaganza where more than 30 Vendors & Exhibitors will be displaying their wares & services online and providing an entertaining 2 days of shows & events.  Flag Fantasy is proud to be participating and is looking forward to seeing you  there!
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MaskUp for 2020!

Flag Fantasy is featuring some of those in the Instagram Community who are boldly wearing their creative Mask designs, and proudly offering you the opportunity to do the same!  #MASKUP! Accessorize your look with your Designer Face Mask and Flag Fantasy’s FlagFan, and be Cool about it!   
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We’re BIG FANS of Alexis Goods Swimwear!

Flag Fantasy is proud to feature Alexis Goods as an affiliate on our website.  Accessorize your Alexis Goods Swimwear with Flag Fantasy’s BIG FlagFan (coming this Spring 2020), and you’ll be sure to create major waves when you step out on the Beach!   
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About Us

We hail from the islands of the Caribbean and fully realize how hot things can get at our festivities!  This, combined with the fact that we need to wave our national colors has led to our unique product offering.  

At the launch of Summer 2018 I had the pleasure of sitting down for an interview with Established in 88, a production company based in New York. We had lots of fun doing it, and you can view it below, as well as on their website at www.EstIn88.com ...

You made it! Congratulations on embarking on the Flag Fantasy Experience!

The warm Caribbean vibes caress your body and you know you’re looking good! When you're Hot but want to be Cool about it … whip out one of our FlagFan creations. Go ahead… Wave your national colors with pride!

Our customized wood hand fans are made from some of the finest materials to ensure that you stay cool when the party gets hot! These fans measure approximately 23 cm in length, or 42 cm unfolded. New flags are added on a regular basis, so check back with us often!

And remember ... our products have a LIFETIME WARRANTY.  Should your FlagFan break under normal wear and tear, just mail it back to us and we will replace it at no additional cost to you!  Breathe Easy & Stay #Cool knowing our quality is guaranteed!



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