2016 Guyana's Golden Jubilee of Independence!

As Guyana counts down to it's 50th Golden Jubilee of Independence from Great Britain on May 26, 2016, Flag Fantasy extends Best Wishes to all who call Guyana "Home"!

"Guyana was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1489, but the Dutch were the first to establish three colonies there: Essequibo, Berbice and Demerara. The British assumed control over the Dutch colonies in 1796, but the territory was formally ceded only in 1814. During the British rule Guyana became known as British Guiana.

Guyana took first steps towards its independence in the beginning of the 20th century. British Guiana gained independence from Great Britain on May 26, 1966. It remained a member of the Commonwealth. In 1970 it changed its name to the Cooperative Republic of Guyana."

Keep smiling, Guyana!

Your Fans @ Flag Fantasy

Excerpts from: https://anydayguide.com

YouTube:  Abigail James - Guyana Smiling Again "Calypso 2016"

Sharon Dottin
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