2019 Caribbean American Heritage Month!


"June is Caribbean-American Heritage Month! 

Caribbean Heritage Month commemoration was adopted by the U.S. House of Representatives in 2005 to recognize the significance of Caribbean people and their descendants in the history and culture of the United States. The resolution passed the Senate in Feb. 2006 and President George H.W. Bush issued the proclamation in June 2006.  

Since the declaration, the White House has issued an annual proclamation recognizing June as Caribbean-American Heritage Month. This year marks the thirteenth anniversary of June as National Caribbean American Heritage Month. 

This year's theme is Contributing to the American Landscape. The commemoration of Caribbean American Heritage Month aims to remind Americans that our greatness lies in our diversity. Caribbean immigrants from founding father, Alexander Hamilton, to journalist, Malcolm Gladwell, have helped to shape the American dream." 



Here in the United States, each upcoming Summer Carnival & Festival Celebration gives us an opportunity to showcase the Caribbean Culture, and share a little bit of "back home" with our American friends and family.  However long after the strains of music have died down and the elaborate costumes have been put away, the Caribbean Diaspora continues making significant contributions to the American fabric.  Check out the works of these 9 individuals with Caribbean roots who were featured in a 2018 exposition at Yale's Lillian Goldman Law Library:  

Stephen Lisle Carter – Yale Law Professor - Barbados  

Shirley A. Chisolm - Politician, Educator, and Author - Barbados, Guyana 

Claudia Rankine - Poet, Essayist, Playwright, and Editor of several anthologies - Jamaica  

Colin Luther Powell - Statesman and a Retired Four-Star General in the US Army - Jamaica  

Kamala Devi Harris - Lawyer and Politician - Jamaica 

Marcus Garvey - Political Activist, Publisher, Journalist, Entrepreneur, and Orator - Jamaica 

Constance Baker Motley - Civil Rights Activist, Lawyer, Judge, State Senator, and Borough President of Manhattan, NYC - St Kitts Nevis  

Alexander Hamilton - Statesman and one of the Founding Fathers of the US - St Kitts Nevis  

Stokely Carmichael - Socialist Organizer in the Civil Rights Movement in the US and the Global Pan-African Movement - Trinidad and Tobago 


Flag Fantasy is extremely proud of Caribbean Contributions to the US and rest of the world not only during the month of June, but year-round! 

Sharon & Your FANS at 



Excerpts from https://library.law.yale.edu/news/wedeyah-we-are-here-caribbean-contributions-united-states-law-culture-politics 


Sharon Dottin
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