Fall 2013 ... Things Still Heating Up!

Summer may be over, but things are still heating up!  The fall carnivals leading up to the Biggie in Miami are taking place over the next few weeks.  Folks in Brooklyn have barely finished dusting the glitter off from last week's Labor Day Parade, and here comes Long Island's Hempstead presentation on Saturday, Sept. 7th.  The following day, the 21st Cambridge, MA Carnival Parade takes place on River Street and ends with live world music entertainment on the International Stage.  The following weekend Jacksonville pulls up the rear with its Caribbean Carnival Parade and Festival on Saturday, Sept. 14th.  Lots of costumes, food, music and good vibes!

Enjoy the carnivals, but remember to pace yourselves ... Miami is just around the corner.  Stay cool!

Your FANS at Flag Fantasy!

Sharon Dottin
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