May 2018 Carnival Season in Full Bloom!

The frenetic energy of the Carnival/Mardi Gras celebrations that took place back in February just before Lent, has now washed up on the shores of North America and Europe with a new flurry of carnivals and music festivals taking place during the month of May.  Before this month is over, cities like Atlanta, Phoenix, Orlando, San Francisco, Berlin, and Ibiza will all see crowds gathered to re-create the carnival costumes and revelry, and partake in the Caribbean Culture of food, music, and dance.  We celebrate having made it through another winter, and give thanks for the opportunity to shed some clothes and bask in the summer warmth …. having fun with good friends and family.  It's about to get #Hot up in here, so make sure to stay #Cool!

Sharon & Your Fans


Sharon Dottin
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