2014 T&T Carnival Tabanca

And then it was done.  Like the stark contrast between night and day, the Carnival grind came to a screeching halt with the start of the Lent Season on Ash Wednesday.  The stray beads, feathers and other debris have been swept from the streets, the vendor stands have been dismantled and carted away, and the crowded bars on Ariapita Avenue now appear somewhat deserted.  Was it all just a dream?  Did I imagine the whole Carnival frenzy that I was inextricably wound up in, or did it really happen?
The good news is that you have all the photos and videos to prove that it happened (watch out Facebook!) and playing the music will bring all those memories flooding back in no time!  The even better news is ... there's always another Carnival around the corner in some part of the world :-)  That's the definition of a Carnival Junkie ... as soon as one ends, we're looking forward to the next "fix"!
So stay calm!  Flag Fantasy is here to cool, caress, and cure you of your Carnival Tabanca.  One of the first Carnivals on the North American circuit is the Atlanta Caribbean Carnival at the end of May 2014 (http://www.atlantacarnival.org/main.html). Remember, it's never too early to get your fans ... a Cool Necessity Indeed!
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