'Twas the Week Before Carnival ...

... and all through the Twin Island Republic of Trinidad & Tobago chaos reigned supreme!   Tourists and visitors from all over the world are arriving in droves and are looking forward to observing, if not participating in one of the Greatest Shows on Earth!  With the new Socadrome showcasing the four large masquerade bands (Tribe, Bliss, Harts and Yuma) away from the traditional Queen's Park Savannah Stage, this is sure to be a significant turning point in the history of T&T Carnival presentation.  It remains to be seen if this change will indeed improve the carnival experience for masqueraders and spectators alike, by alleviating the congestion in crossing the Savannah Stage.  


Any how you look at it, things are about to get hot, hot, hot in Trinidad & Tobago.  Have a Safe & Happy Carnival & remember to stay cool with your greatest fans at FlagFantasy!


Sharon Dottin
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