2014 Miami Carnival Flag Fans!

And after Labor Day on the Parkway comes ... Miami Carnival!  As one of the biggest and best Caribbean Carnivals on the North American circuit, Miami offers its revelers an opportunity for one las' lap in the sun and warmth before going back into hibernation for winter.  What with New York, Atlanta, Washington, Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago, Toronto, Montreal and many other cities converging on Miami during the Columbus Day Weekend, it's bound to get hot up in here!


Of course, the SocaVivor Crew is once again offering a slew of color-coordinated fetes and events, including their "world-famous" International Flag Party, where our Flag Fans will get you in for $20 before 10:30 pm.  Make sure to get yours to cool and caress you in time for this fun event.  When You're Hot and Want to be Cool About It ...


Your Fans,


@ FlagFantasy.com





Sharon Dottin
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