2015 Trinidad & Tobago Carnival

Best Wishes for 2015 to all Flag Fantasy Supporters!  As this new year begins, we look back to what we left behind in 2014, and look forward to what can be improved upon in 2015.  It's a time of new beginnings and the hope and aspiration that somehow 2015 will magically deliver all that has yet been unfulfilled in the past.

In terms of carnival music (which sets the tone for the whole season) we already realize that Machel Montano has the Remedy for one's being a Lyrikal Loner, despite the fact that a particular woman's Bumpa is a Magnet that prevents one from getting Lucy!  The music is coming out fast and furious, and Rhapsody.com is still yet to showcase a Soca genre as opposed to the "Dancehall, Reggae, World Fusion" genres attributed to the TnT artists blowing up their airwaves.  Soca is here to stay and needs to be given its due respect for the art form it has proven to be.

We look forward to all that the upcoming TnT Carnival has to offer in terms of music, mas', culture, food, and drink, and we wish all a Safe & Happy Carnival 2015!


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Sharon Dottin
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