5 Mas' Bands in Trinidad will have a limited number of FlagFans for distribution in time for Carnival 2k15!

The countdown to the Parade of Color & Culture continues, and FlagFantasy sends Love & FlagFans to 5 of Trinidad Carnival 2015's favorite Mas' Bands!  These bands have spent significant amounts of time, money and labor putting together portrayals that will be showcased in grand style on Carnival Monday & Tuesday.  We salute all the bandleaders and thank them for their contribution to keeping the culture alive!

Masqueraders, tag us @FlagFastasy with your favorite photos of you & your FlagFans in your sections during the Pageantry of Splendor!

    1.  Band Number 1:  Ronnie & Caro – 2015 Presentation: Ah Come Back Home – Section: Sweet TnT. 



  1. Band Number 2: Trini Revellers – 2015 Presentation: The Jamette Carnival – Section: Indian Savages 



  1. Band Number 3: Island People Mas – 2015 Presentation: Celebrate – Section: Maiara 



    4.   Band Number 4: Legacy – 2015 Presentation: Reflections – Section: Desert Mirage 



  1. Band Number 5: Dream Team – 2015 Presentation: Somewhere Out There – Section: Eris Hades @Dream  #USVI



Of course all of our FlagFans make wonderful accessories to accentuate your costume and give you and your friends cool comfort & shade during your Carnival Experience!

Have a Safe & Happy Carnival!

Your Fans at


Sharon Dottin
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