5 Accessories for T&T Carnival 2015

Ok, so you’ve finally selected the costume you’re going to wear for Trinidad & Tobago Carnival on Tuesday, February 17th.  You’ve put down your deposit and next month’s rent money to reserve it, but you know you’ll be looking cute, so it’s all well worth it.  Now besides getting into shape at the gym, you just have one more thing to worry about … accessories!  With the right accessories, you can take your costume and carnival look to a whole new level.  Here are 5 head to toe accessories you should consider to compliment your costume:


  1. Feather Earcuffs – Forget earrings … Peenie Wallie Mas has an amazing assortment of customized ear cuffs that can be ordered at http://peenywalliemas.com/ @peenywalliemas


  1. Professional Makeup – Pump up the drama with someone who can accentuate your natural beauty! Check out Gianna Barcant’s makeup artistry.  facebook.com/giannabarcantmakeup @giannabarcantmua


  1. Customized Handbags – Keys, gloss, tissues … where to put them? Let Titivate TT customize the cute bag to match your costume! https://www.facebook.com/TitivateTT @Titivate_TT


  1. Glamorous Nails – When you jump and wave, be proud to display your hands and nail art. Bri’s Nails and Beyond will give your nails the edge they deserve!  @brisnailsandbeyond



  1. Carnival Shoes & Boots – Comfortable footwear is key for carnival, but who wants to wear sensible shoes jumping up on de road? Find something outrageous at Vv Glitz N Glam https://www.facebook.com/Vv.Glitznglam @vvglitznglam


And of course, with all of the above remember to carry along your hand fan customized with flags of the Caribbean to show your national pride … #FlagFans ... a Cool Accessory Indeed!

Have a Safe & Happy Carnival!

Your Fans at


Sharon Dottin
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