2017 Carnival Season in Full Swing!


2017 Carnival Season in Full Swing! from Flag Fantasy on Vimeo.


Calling all Carnival and Bacchanal Lovers!  This is the time of year we are on our highest state of alert. Despite the impending inauguration of the 45th U.S. president, WE JAMMIN' STILL ... WE JAMMIN' STILL!  We look forward to the celebration of Caribbean food, music, color and culture that is Trinidad Carnival and Bacchanal Jamaica!  Trinidad Carnival Monday & Tuesday fall on February  27th & 28th, which makes for a fairly long season of celebration that commenced even prior to Christmas.  Bacchanal Jamaica quickly follows suit and takes place in Kingston, Negril & Montego Bay from April 15th through the 23rd.  

 Lots of great music and fetes are sure to generate heat, so don't mind the cold, ice and snow here in North America. Plan ahead and prepare to stay cool with our FlagFans!  No sophisticated lady leaves home without it 😉 We thank BellisimaDesigns for the exquisite signature costume specifically created for Ms. FlagFantasy to flaunt throughout Carnival 2017!  Make sure to check out more of her fabulous creations.

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Music:  Full Extreme - Ultimate Rejects

Sharon Dottin
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