2017 Trinidad & Tobago Carnival

2017 TnT & Jamaica Carnivals from Flag Fantasy on Vimeo.

Flight booked.  Hotel/AirBnB booked.  Costume deposit paid.  Now ... asking for time off from work … Awwwkwardddd! :-(  But still they make it to TnT Carnival every year!  Who will be there repping their country?  Trinidad&Tobago Jamaica USVI Barbados Haiti and many others from throughout the Caribbean!  When You're Hot ... Period!  #RepOnDeRoad & Have a Safe & Happy Carnival! 


Your Fans at  



Music:  Too RealKerwin Du Bois 

Models:  @_chefskyeyks, @tha_antidote_, @ashana_01 

Photography:  @j.hamilton.photography  

Justin Dottin
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