2017 Miami Broward One Carnival!

No one would dispute the fact that the past few weeks ... perhaps even months ... have been some of the roughest in terms of the human toll taken by a series of devastating hurricanes, earthquakes and other national disasters.  It has truly left many of us mentally, emotionally, financially and physically battered.  It almost seems inappropriate to even mention the thought of Miami Carnival amidst all the pain and suffering.  However even as we speak, Caribbean people are organizing to "Party with a Purpose" in order to help those in need to rebuild and recover.  If we can help while we heal, then not all is lost! 

Only one thing is going on in Miami Columbus Day Weekend … and that's Miami Broward One Carnival!!!  Miami Carnival is one of the Greatest Shows on Earth!  You are invited to stop by our vendor booth at the amazing Carnival Pop Up Shop at Grand Cafe in Pembroke Pines on Carnival Thursday (10/05/17) Night and cool down with our FlagFans! Carnival accessories for you to RepOnDeRoad! 

Flag Fantasy is delighted to be one of the vendors at this fun Miami Carnival event organized by www.CarnivalPopUpShop.com!  What better way to stay cool than sipping refreshments and waving your national colors with pride!  On top of that, some of the sales proceeds will be donated to hurricane relief efforts.  Do your part to help.  Flags are Hot … Fans are Cool … FlagFans are both!

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Sharon Dottin
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