2018 Trinidad & Tobago Carnival!

First of all, to all the Flag Fantasy Family ... belated Best Blessings for 2018!  As someone living in North America, all I can say is that it has been a long thaw from the deep freeze, and I can only hope that we've turned the corner and the worst is over! 

T&T Carnival is just around the corner, and as much as we look forward to it, we come to expect it to be surrounded by "comess and bacchanal".  This year everyone participating in "The Greatest Show on Earth" has been put on notice that "Thiefin' a Wine" (aka unsolicited "Dirty Dancing") is a punishable offense. That being said, many women who attend Carnival Festivities are familiar with the culture and realize that dancing with an unfamiliar partner can be taken in fun and jest as long a the situation remains respectable and comfortable on both sides.  To that end, we at Flag Fantasy encourage you to make it clear and let them know "When You're Hot and Want to be Coy About It!".


Have a Safe and Happy Carnival 2018!

Your Fans at


Justin Dottin
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