2021 Virtual Carnival Extravaganza!

The first ever “Popup Shop” of its kind is about to go down on Thursday & Friday, July 1st & 2nd!  After a year and a half of doing things “different”, Face Candy Studio is embracing the new reality and hosting a Virtual Carnival Extravaganza where more than 30 Vendors & Exhibitors will be displaying their wares & services online and providing an entertaining 2 days of shows & events.  Flag Fantasy is proud to be participating and is looking forward to seeing you  there! 



Source 🎶 | Machel Montano – Showtime 


Also remember to check out our exciting new Discount Code … Freedom21!!!  When buying 3 or more FlagFans, enter Freedom21 at checkout to get a 15% product discount.  This code also qualifies you for a chance to win 5 FlagFans of your choice in time for Miami Carnival in October!  Winner will be selected and announced Labor Day Weekend.  So get your Carnival Crew together and make sure everyone gets to Stay Cool … it’s going to be a Hot Summer!!!

Stay Cool & Live Well!  

Sharon & Your FANS at 


Sharon Dottin
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