Spring 2015 ... New Beginnings!

Spring is sprung , the grass is ris . I wonder where the Carnival is!  Yes indeed, a time of new beginnings!  The weather is finally turning around and warming up after a brutal winter.  Atlanta, Phoenix, Houston, Orlando & San Francisco are some of the first North American cities coming out of the starting gates on Memorial Weekend (May 23rd - May 25th) with their Caribbean Carnival presentations!



Flag Fantasy has also decided to renew itself with a new Spring lineup of FlagFans featuring countries like Haiti, Antigua, Grenada, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, Colombia, Brazil & USA!  Cast your votes and let us know which flags appeal to you most so we can do our best to satisfy YOU!



Stay Calm and Stay Cool during the launch of the Spring North American Carnival Season! 

Your Fans @ FlagFantasy




Sharon Dottin
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