2015 June Events & Discounts

Having enjoyed the first wave of spring North American Caribbean Carnivals, we now look forward to the month of June for things to really heat up!  Over the next few weeks Tampa (FL), Columbia (SC), Charleston (SC), Philadelphia (PA), and Hollywood (CA) will all be showcasing Caribbean & local culture in a variety of festive events leading up to colorful street parades.

Flag Fantasy is now pleased to be offering volume discounts:

  • 15% off purchases of 3 or more fans (Code: 3OrderMin15%), or
  • 20% off purchases of 5 or more fans (Code: 5OrderMin20%).

Round up your Carnival Posse and place your orders in time for these upcoming Carnivals!  Make sure to use the codes above when checking out on www.FlagFantasy.com to get your discount.  Also make sure to tag us with your favorite photos of you and your friends with our FlagFans!

When things heat up, Stay Calm ... Stay Cool!

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Get Discounts Buying Fans for You & Your Carnival Crew!!!

Sharon Dottin
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