All Ah We Headed to VA CaribFest 2015!

Lots of heat building up during the dog days of summer, and you're about to see a Wave of FlagFans coming to a Carnival near you!  At the end of July we have Jersey City (Happy 20th!), Rotterdam, and Antigua celebrating their carnivals.  The beginning of August starts out with a bang with Toronto Caribana (still can't get used to the ScotiaBank Toronto Carnival name!) and Barbados Crop Over and closes with Boston Carnival and finally Notting Hill Carnival ... just across the pond!  Wishing our Bajan Brethren calm & safe conditions for the Crop Over Celebration.

In the middle of August we will be attending & celebrating Norfolk Virginia's 10th Annual CaribFest!  FlagFans will be available for sale on site.  Stop by and visit our tent!  CaribFest's premiere masquerade band Odyssey VA Band will also have a limited number of fans for distribution among its band members. Catch the wave and show your national colors!  In all the heat and excitement, our FlagFan is a Cool Necessity Indeed!



Sharon Dottin
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