2013 Miami Coffee Boys "We Ready" Event

We spoke, and they listened.  We were tired of fettin' in old warehouses and school gymnasiums located in sketchy, remote areas of town.  We were tired of having to line up to leave the fete squashed like sardines in single file through a narrow gate, escorted by police and barking police dogs restrained in cars with lights flashing because someone complained about loud music playing in the neighborhood after 12 midnight.  Coffee Boys saw and heard all of this and changed the game.  Last year the venue for their Friday night Miami Carnival party was the Seminole Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood, in Fort Lauderdale, Fl.  It took place in a luxurious, lush garden setting in the midst of a busy night-time entertainment complex.  Lots of people, lots of good vibes.  Due to the success of that event, they're back at the same place this Miami Carnival Friday night, and they can definitely assure their guests ... We Ready!!!





Sharon Dottin
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