Spring 2018 ... New Beginnings ... New Affiliations!

Warm Greetings to the Flag Fantasy Family!

We know many of you are still going through the usual bout of Carnival Tabanca as you reminisce fondly about what transpired just a few weeks ago at T&T Carnival (that's if you can remember), and wonder if you will ever feel such joy and excitement again.  We're here to tell you that "Yes You Can!".  This is the calm before the North American Carnival Circuit begins, and before you know it the weather will warm up and you'll be listening and dancing to the familiar strains of all the popular music you heard at T&T Carnival!

Here at Flag Fantasy, we're also excited about a new development "Across the Pond".  We have forged an alliance with Carnival Slayers, the UK's leading Carnival Page!  We are pleased to be working with them on spreading the joy and celebration of Caribbean Culture throughout the UK and beyond!  

Carnival Slayers was created by a passionate carnival enthusiast. Her ethos was to simply create something that was missing from the UK arena and to make a difference where possible. As a regular masquerader herself she understood the importance of what it meant to play mas, feel free, slay and to feel important by those camera lenses. During years of masquerading she had also seen the prejudice shown towards herself and others whilst masquerading which later prompted her to create a page that captured the many faces of carnival.

Carnival Slayers are a passionate, social media advocate of men and women who are comfortable with who they are. These beautiful beings bring their light to any festivity and they are believers. No matter which carnival band they're in, their sexual orientation, marital status, gender, skin tone, shape or size, carnival is their first love. It's their time to individually express their beauty. 

They know without any acknowledgment from anyone that they slaaaaay!! For that reason alone, all lenses should be on such masterpieces as they shake up every street that their energy pulsates through.


Looking forward to great things happening this summer, and also looking forward to seeing you on De Road!


Your Fans at


Sharon Dottin
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