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Countdown to 2013 Baltimore/Washington One Caribbean Carnival

In DC, the countdown to the 2013 #BaltimoreWashingtonCarnival has begun!  Make sure to support the following events and bring your fans to stay cool!


 See you at Clifton Park on Saturday, July 13th.  When you're Hot and want to be Cool about it!


Your FANS @

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2013 Baltimore/Washington One Caribbean Carnival 20th Anniversary Celebration!

Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD prepare to team up once again for the upcoming Baltimore/Washington One Caribbean Carnival from Friday July 12th through Sunday, July 14th, 2013!  Lots of festivities and Caribbean Carnival parade costumes!  More importantly, for the first time that weekend  ... your FANS at will be available for sale at our vendor booth at Clifton Park!!! Stop by to visit us and get your "Cool" on with 1 or 3 of our Fans at a discount!  More details to follow.  Looking forward to seeing you there!


More details on the 2013 Baltimore/Washington One Caribbean Carnival at



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Memorial Weekend 2013 - Happy Carnival!

To all our ATLANTA, GA (, PHOENIX, AZ (, and ORLANDO, FL ( POSSE!  Wishing you all a Safe & Happy Memorial Weekend CARNIVAL!  Flag Fetes, Breakfast Parties, Jouvert, Carnival Parades, and lots of Costumes!  Make sure all Yuh READY ... Yuh READY ... Yuh READY and Wave Yuh Flags!!! 

Your FANS at

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Memorial Weekend 2013 - Atlanta Caribbean Carnival

Memorial Weekend 2013 - Lots going on ... check out the 25th Annual Atlanta Caribbean Carnival at  Parade on Saturday, Memorial May 25th, 2013 at Morris Brown Herndon Stadium.  Make sure you have your Flag Fans ready! Cheers!

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Still Feeling Blue for Point Fortin, Trinidad Borough Day 2013?

On February, 15th 2013 the Newspaper announced:

“POINT FORTIN'S Borough Day celebrations this year will be dedicated to Road March and Soca Monarch Austin "SuperBlue" Lyons, a native of Point Fortin.

SuperBlue thrilled thousands of fans at the Soca Monarch Competition last Friday, sharing top spot with Machel Montano.

He also won the Road March title with the song "Fantastic Friday".

Paul congratulated SuperBlue, saying: "Well done, our faithful son. We always knew that there was going to be a reburst of SuperBlue."

On April 30, SuperBlue will be presented with the keys to the borough during the annual Civic and Awards Ceremony for the annual Borough Day celebrations.

Friday, May 2 will be dubbed "Super Friday" and the following day will be called "Pan for Blue Day".

Little did we know that Blue would come blazing through with his Borough Day hit so soon after a successful Carnival 2013!


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And Here Come the North American Summer Carnivals!

Just when you thought you had gotten over withdrawal symptoms from T&T Carnival 2013 ... here come the first of the North American renditions of the same to give you just the summer "fix" you need!  The North American Caribbean Carnival Circuit begins with Phoenix, AZ and Atlanta, GA.  Both are scheduled for Memorial Day Weekend, which marks the unofficial launch of the summer season!  Check out the events associated with these 2 carnivals at  and!  More info coming soon!

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Savage Beauty of Bliss T&T Carnival Band 2013

Once you decide to attend T&T Carnival and to partake in the festivities, your next big decision is “What Band to Play With?”  Bliss is a spinoff masquerade band associated with Tribe, and offers its revelers an Intimate Carnival Experience!  How do you spell “Pamper Me!”?  Bliss masqueraders enjoy excellent service, unsurpassed organization, beautiful people and an amazing road experience.  Look at the video on our homepage and feel the Beauty of the Bliss Band!

Upcoming Events:

May 25th, 2013:   Atlanta’s 25th Caribbean Carnival  Get your fans READY!

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Feeling Blue? Some of the Music from T&T Carnival 2013

The fetes, the food, the costumes, the fun, laughter and music.  Ah yes, the music!  The music always manages to bring back all the memories of the carnival experience. 

Check out Austin SuperBlue Lyon’s landslide winning hit from 2013 Trinidad Carnival  Learn more about Trinidad’s beloved son (formerly known as Blue Boy) at  With all his Road March winning songs, be sure to have your hand fan ready to cool down the vibes!

Upcoming Events:

Feb. 15 – Apr. 7:   Jamaica Carnival
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Life After T&T Carnival 2013

Well it has been a full week since Ash Wednesday, and thus a full week since the madness that is Trinidad Carnival finally ended.  It has taken us this long to recover from the festivities!  It is with great excitement that we now prepare to launch our unique product offering … Customized hand fans depicting the various flags of the Caribbean and other parts of the world.  As many Caribbean revelers know, waving our flag and maybe a rag is one of our favorite pastimes when the party (aka “fete”) reaches a feverish pitch J.  Our flag fans allow you to keep your cool while waving your national colours when things get hot!  A cool necessity indeed.

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Unleash Yuhself 2013

The Bigger the Better, and only the Best! Get ready for the can't miss events of Carnival!

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Bands route of the Parade

...So ya don't end up lost.

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