Fantastic February Finally Here!

Ok, folks!  It's been a long haul and an unusually brutal winter for most of us.  We can only hope and pray that we've turned the corner onto the final stretch of the Countdown to T&T Carnival 2K14!  The fetes are in full swing ... the music is pumping ... and most of us are looking forward to our T&T flights later this month to catch the tail end of the festivities culminating in the Greatest Show on Earth on Carnival Monday & Tuesday (March 3rd & 4th)!  With this year's long Carnival Season, we've had time to enjoy an abundance of music of all genres put out by our prolific artists.  From Calypso (Kaiso) paying homage to Nelson Mandela, or commenting on the absence of local MPs when you need them, to Steelpan, to Chutney, to Soca, and to combinations of all of the above ... the music has been hot, hot, hot!

Like Farmer Nappy, we not missin' dis fete!  So get on your plane, boat, bus, taxi, or donkey cart ... but just find your way to the fete :-)  And remember to bring your fans, cause it's going to be hot!




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Sharon Dottin
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