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2017 Trinidad & Tobago Carnival

2017 TnT & Jamaica Carnivals from Flag Fantasy on Vimeo.

Flight booked.  Hotel/AirBnB booked.  Costume deposit paid.  Now ... asking for time off from work … Awwwkwardddd! :-(  But still they make it to TnT Carnival every year!  Who will be there repping their country?  Trinidad&Tobago Jamaica USVI Barbados Haiti and many others from throughout the Caribbean!  When You're Hot ... Period!  #RepOnDeRoad & Have a Safe & Happy Carnival! 


Your Fans at  


Music:  Too RealKerwin Du Bois 

Models:  @_chefskyeyks, @tha_antidote_, @ashana_01 


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2017 Carnival Season in Full Swing!


2017 Carnival Season in Full Swing! from Flag Fantasy on Vimeo.


Calling all Carnival and Bacchanal Lovers!  This is the time of year we are on our highest state of alert. Despite the impending inauguration of the 45th U.S. president, WE JAMMIN' STILL ... WE JAMMIN' STILL!  We look forward to the celebration of Caribbean food, music, color and culture that is Trinidad Carnival and Bacchanal Jamaica!  Trinidad Carnival Monday & Tuesday fall on February  27th & 28th, which makes for a fairly long season of celebration that commenced even prior to Christmas.  Bacchanal Jamaica quickly follows suit and takes place in Kingston, Negril & Montego Bay from April 15th through the 23rd.  

 Lots of great music and fetes are sure to generate heat, so don't mind the cold, ice and snow here in North America. Plan ahead and prepare to stay cool with our FlagFans!  No sophisticated lady leaves home without it 😉 We thank BellisimaDesigns for the exquisite signature costume specifically created for Ms. FlagFantasy to flaunt throughout Carnival 2017!  Make sure to check out more of her fabulous creations.

Your Fans at 

Music:  Full Extreme - Ultimate Rejects

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Carnival 2017!

So I'm one of those firm believers that NOTHING should be spoken of Carnival until the Christmas Season and all that it represents has had all the glory and honor that it deserves.  Now that we have given due praise to the birth of our Lord & Savior, I truly believe that we can slip into a season of celebration of music, color, food, life, and culture!

Bellisima Designs has created a glittering creation befitting of Ms. Flag Fantasy, and we are looking forward to flaunting it on the 2017 Carnival Circuit!

Let the festivities begin, and by all means, let the countdown begin ... Carnival is just around the corner, and coming to a city near you!


Your FANS at



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2016 Cuba Historic Visit

2 Sisters visited #Cuba at an historic time.  #Fidel #Castro died November 25th, 2016 and they were in #Havana at the time. Here is what they saw and experienced.  #AlmendaresRiver #MuseoDeRevolution #OldCars #OldHavana #AmbosMundosHotel #CapitalSaratogaHotel  #PlazaVieja #BasilicaSanFrancisco #SalsaClub #Trinidad #PlazaMayor #Vinales #DosHermanas


Cuba 2016 Historic Visit from Flag Fantasy on Vimeo.


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2016 Miami Broward One Carnival!

Labor Day on the Parkway was a nice time.  Lots of color and costumes and cool Caribbean vibes for the West Indian American Day Parade!  Those who were careful enough to preserve their beads and feathers are now looking ahead to Miami Broward One Carnival which takes place over the Columbus Day Weekend (Thursday, October 6th through Monday, October 10th, 2016). 

Flag Fantasy is especially looking forward to that weekend to participate in the annual Carnival Pop Up Shop Miami, where a large number of vendors will be assembled at the Grand Café in Pembroke Pines, FL to provide last minute goods and services to the throngs of crowds converging on Miami for the Carnival that weekend.  Stop by to say hello and maybe pick up a FlagFan or 2 for you and your Crew to #RepOnDeRoad at the parade on Sunday! 

Your FANS at

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New Arrivals for Summer 2016!

New Arrivals for Summer 2016! from Flag Fantasy on Vimeo.

Just in Time for VACaribFest ... Brooklyn NYLabor Day Parade ... & Miami/Broward Carnival!!! New FlagFan additions to the FlagFantasy Family include Rainbow, Dominica, Cuba, Puerto Rico & Panama! You asked, and we responded. Continue sending your requests for new FlagFans and we'll do our best to respond to the demand. It's about to get Hot up in here with the Dog Days of Summer & the biggest North American Caribbean Carnivals yet to come!  So wave your colors with Pride & Stay Cool!

Your Fans at


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2016 Rio Olympic Celebration!

2016 Rio Olympic Celebration! from Flag Fantasy on Vimeo.

The Opening Ceremonies of the 2016 Rio Olympics have shown the warmth and welcome of the Brazilian people to the rest of the world!  Flag Fantasy sends congratulations to Brazil for a spectacular show marking the start of  the Jogos Olímpicos de Verão de 2016 or the Games of the 31st Olympiad! 


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2016 Toronto Caribana!

2016 Toronto Caribana! from Flag Fantasy on Vimeo.


Flag Fantasy wishing all the Toronto Caribana revelers a wonderful and safe Caribbean Carnival as they parade through Exhibition Place & along Lakeshore Boulevard on Saturday, July 30th.  The culmination of a 3-week festival that delivers big entertainment to fans of Caribbean culture, food, soca, calypso & live music ... not to mention big bucks to the Toronto, Ontario tourism coffers!

Music:  Too Real - Kerwin Dubois

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2016 Virginia CaribFest!

2016 Virginia CaribFest! from Flag Fantasy on Vimeo.

Music:   BET - @ItsDrue 


#FlagFantasy is once again looking forward to attending the 11th Annual Virginia #CaribFest in #Norfolk, VA on Saturday, August  20th.   We were lucky enough to snag tickets (which sell out months in advance!) for the Friday night J'Ouvert Boat Ride on the #SpiritofNorfolk, and are looking forward to having a ball!  After the Saturday Parade along the streets of downtown Norfolk make sure to stop by Flag Fantasy's Vendor's Booth at the #TownPointPark Festival.  The weekend is all about live music, food, and colorful costumes … so get your #FlagFans to help you Stay Cool and Represent your Country!  With Ricardo Drue at Inferno Saturday night we BET the #Antigua FlagFans will be flying high! 

 Your FANS at 


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2016 Barbados Crop Over!

On November 30th, Barbados will celebrate it's Golden Jubilee Anniversary of Independence!  50 years of Pride & Industry!  

2016 Barbados Crop Over! 50 Years of Pride & Industry! from Flag Fantasy on Vimeo.

Flag Fantasy and many in the Caribbean Diaspora would like to "Big Up Barbados" and send kudos to the Bajan Fuh Evah Mas Band as it prepares to put on a spectacular presentation for 2016 Miami Broward One Carnival!  The Rihanna Section of this band (presented by guest designer Nicole Harris)  celebrates Barbados' evolution over time and depicts RIRI in white and silver as in her song “Shine Bright like a Diamond”.  This section will have a limited number of FlagFans from all the Islands paying tribute to Barbados' upcoming 50th Birthday Bash so watch out for them on De Road! 

Shine Bright Like a Diamond ... and stay Cool as Ice! 

Your FANS at 

Music:   iWeb – Big Up "2016 Soc" - De Red Boyz 

Model:  @serafina_rodriguez 


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2016 Montreal Carifiesta!

2016 Montreal Carifiesta! from Flag Fantasy on Vimeo.


On Saturday, July 2nd Montreal qualified to become the new "Windy City"! It was also Wet, Wild & Sunny … yes, all of the above! Despite the crazy weather the Carifiesta Parade was lovely and included lots of color, music, & costumes. Of course Ayiti came out to represent as usual, and a great time was had by all the masqueraders as they paraded downtown on St. Catherine Street! 

Mr. GG (feat. Dasha) - San Vou
Kes & Lyrikal - Unlimited Vibes

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Sunday Morning Breakfast Party 2016

Flag Fantasy had a great time waving #NationalColors at the #SundayMorningAtl #OneDropEvents  Thanks to Gyasi Jaspa Simpson for hosting an awesome event!  Will definitely be back next year!  Feelin' #Pretty #AdvoKit


2016 Atlanta Sunday Morning Breakfast Party from Flag Fantasy on Vimeo.


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