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10-18 Norfolk State Caribbean Zumba Class!

Last week Norfolk State University’s Caribbean Student Association was treated to a Flag Fete Zumba class.   Candace Alexander dished up her unique brand of Intense-Fyiaaaaa-Fitness in an effort to get the class whipped into tip top shape.  Things got heated up, but these young ladies were resilient and kept their cool by fanning their way through the routine!  A nice, vigorous workout with a Caribbean flavor!   Look out for Candace's upcoming fitness launch in Newport News City Center October 28th, 2018!  Keep it pumping, and stay cool with FlagFans from Flag Fantasy!  

Sharon & Your FANS at

Videography - Troy Jackson




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2018 Brand Ambassador Scholarship!

September traditionally marks the end of summer and the start of a new school year.  We at Flag Fantasy are particularly excited about this upcoming school year since are gearing up to offer the first ever Flag Fantasy Brand Ambassador Scholarship to one deserving college/university student in 2019!   


We are looking for students with a keen interest in promoting Caribbean culture to provide us with digital content & services that would support our website, blog posts, social media and brand promotion.  


In return, Flag Fantasy is offering students a well-recognized platform to showcase their work and get credit and recognition while building their portfolio or resume.  The exciting part is that as a contributor, you become eligible to apply for our annual Flag Fantasy Brand Ambassador Scholarship!  More details to follow.  


If you or any of your fellow students have an interest in pursuing this opportunity, please DM @FlagFantasy or email with the following details: 


Name & Contact Info


Area of Interest/Specialty 

Social Media Handles  


Stay Cool!

Sharon & Your Fans at 


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June 2018 in Washington, DC … “The Nation’s Capital”!

Things are really heating up in DC, and we’re not just talking about the weather!  Coming on the heels of celebrating the Washington Capitals' Stanley Cup Victory, we have the DC Jazzfest going on, and this weekend’s launch of the DC Carnival Experience!  While DC may not host an annual Caribbean Carnival Parade as done in many other cities, it’s month-long series of entertainment events which includes a wide variety of Caribbean artistes is second to none!  Check out the full schedule of fete events at and join in the festivities!  It’s about to get #Hot up in here, so remember to get your FlagFans in time to stay #Cool!  Wave your National Colors with Pride! 

Sharon & Your Fans 


Music: Big Bad Soca – Bunji Garlin

Video: DC Carnival Experience


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May 2018 Carnival Season in Full Bloom!

The frenetic energy of the Carnival/Mardi Gras celebrations that took place back in February just before Lent, has now washed up on the shores of North America and Europe with a new flurry of carnivals and music festivals taking place during the month of May.  Before this month is over, cities like Atlanta, Phoenix, Orlando, San Francisco, Berlin, and Ibiza will all see crowds gathered to re-create the carnival costumes and revelry, and partake in the Caribbean Culture of food, music, and dance.  We celebrate having made it through another winter, and give thanks for the opportunity to shed some clothes and bask in the summer warmth …. having fun with good friends and family.  It's about to get #Hot up in here, so make sure to stay #Cool!

Sharon & Your Fans


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03-18 T&T Presidential History in the Making!

Kudos to Paula-Mae Weekes as Trinidad & Tobago's first female President!  Wishing her the grace, honour and fortitude to lead this Caribbean nation in the right direction moving forward!

Stay Cool!

Sharon & Your Fans 


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Spring 2018 ... New Beginnings ... New Affiliations!

Warm Greetings to the Flag Fantasy Family!

We know many of you are still going through the usual bout of Carnival Tabanca as you reminisce fondly about what transpired just a few weeks ago at T&T Carnival (that's if you can remember), and wonder if you will ever feel such joy and excitement again.  We're here to tell you that "Yes You Can!".  This is the calm before the North American Carnival Circuit begins, and before you know it the weather will warm up and you'll be listening and dancing to the familiar strains of all the popular music you heard at T&T Carnival!

Here at Flag Fantasy, we're also excited about a new development "Across the Pond".  We have forged an alliance with Carnival Slayers, the UK's leading Carnival Page!  We are pleased to be working with them on spreading the joy and celebration of Caribbean Culture throughout the UK and beyond!  

Carnival Slayers was created by a passionate carnival enthusiast. Her ethos was to simply create something that was missing from the UK arena and to make a difference where possible. As a regular masquerader herself she understood the importance of what it meant to play mas, feel free, slay and to feel important by those camera lenses. During years of masquerading she had also seen the prejudice shown towards herself and others whilst masquerading which later prompted her to create a page that captured the many faces of carnival.

Carnival Slayers are a passionate, social media advocate of men and women who are comfortable with who they are. These beautiful beings bring their light to any festivity and they are believers. No matter which carnival band they're in, their sexual orientation, marital status, gender, skin tone, shape or size, carnival is their first love. It's their time to individually express their beauty. 

They know without any acknowledgment from anyone that they slaaaaay!! For that reason alone, all lenses should be on such masterpieces as they shake up every street that their energy pulsates through.


Looking forward to great things happening this summer, and also looking forward to seeing you on De Road!


Your Fans at

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2018 Trinidad & Tobago Carnival!

First of all, to all the Flag Fantasy Family ... belated Best Blessings for 2018!  As someone living in North America, all I can say is that it has been a long thaw from the deep freeze, and I can only hope that we've turned the corner and the worst is over! 

T&T Carnival is just around the corner, and as much as we look forward to it, we come to expect it to be surrounded by "comess and bacchanal".  This year everyone participating in "The Greatest Show on Earth" has been put on notice that "Thiefin' a Wine" (aka unsolicited "Dirty Dancing") is a punishable offense. That being said, many women who attend Carnival Festivities are familiar with the culture and realize that dancing with an unfamiliar partner can be taken in fun and jest as long a the situation remains respectable and comfortable on both sides.  To that end, we at Flag Fantasy encourage you to make it clear and let them know "When You're Hot and Want to be Coy About It!".


Have a Safe and Happy Carnival 2018!

Your Fans at

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2017 Miami Broward One Carnival!

No one would dispute the fact that the past few weeks ... perhaps even months ... have been some of the roughest in terms of the human toll taken by a series of devastating hurricanes, earthquakes and other national disasters.  It has truly left many of us mentally, emotionally, financially and physically battered.  It almost seems inappropriate to even mention the thought of Miami Carnival amidst all the pain and suffering.  However even as we speak, Caribbean people are organizing to "Party with a Purpose" in order to help those in need to rebuild and recover.  If we can help while we heal, then not all is lost! 

Only one thing is going on in Miami Columbus Day Weekend … and that's Miami Broward One Carnival!!!  Miami Carnival is one of the Greatest Shows on Earth!  You are invited to stop by our vendor booth at the amazing Carnival Pop Up Shop at Grand Cafe in Pembroke Pines on Carnival Thursday (10/05/17) Night and cool down with our FlagFans! Carnival accessories for you to RepOnDeRoad! 

Flag Fantasy is delighted to be one of the vendors at this fun Miami Carnival event organized by!  What better way to stay cool than sipping refreshments and waving your national colors with pride!  On top of that, some of the sales proceeds will be donated to hurricane relief efforts.  Do your part to help.  Flags are Hot … Fans are Cool … FlagFans are both!

Your FANS at

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50th Anniversary Brooklyn Carnival Brassfest 2017!

Brooklyn Carnival Brassfest 2017! from Flag Fantasy on Vimeo.


The end of August marks the anniversary of T&T Independence, and Labor Day West Indian American Day Carnival Association's (WIADCA) celebrations on De Parkway in Brooklyn, NY.  Summer is almost "unofficially" over, and there's somewhat of a sense of urgency to fit in all the fetting between now and Miami Carnival!  Life doesn't get much better than this!  MC Wassy and Vibezman Redman hosted the annual BrassFest at the Brooklyn Museum Grounds as a kick-off to the 50th Anniversary of WIADCA Labor Day Caribbean Carnival Weekend!  Shout out to all islands represented at this spectacular show … Many Islands … One Caribbean!  Show some Love and Respect for One Another and keep Cool! 

Your Fans at  


Music: Single – Orlando Octave 


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Upcoming August 2017 Carnival Celebrations!

It may be the end of the sugar season, and the end of another successful sugar cane harvest, but as far as the month of August goes - the Party Now Start!  The month of August rings in the celebrations of Toronto Caribbean Carnival (aka Caribana),  Barbados Crop Over,  Antigua Carnival, Virginia CaribFest, Grenada Carnival (aka SpiceMas) and Notting Hill Carnival across the pond!  So many festivals, so little time!  

Flag Fantasy will be one of the vendors at Virginia CaribFest, so make sure to stop by to say hello!  Make sure to #Stay #Cool with our #FlagFans no matter what event you choose to attend. Jump and jump and jump and jump and Wave your National Colors with Pride at each and every Flag Party!  

Your Fans at  

Music:  Flag Party – Byron Lee & The Dragonnaires 




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2017 Carnival Exchange Project Connecting Cuba and New Orleans!

Visit: for more information.
Excerpts ...

The DiasporaES Carnival Exchange Project is a two-part cultural exchange between 
Santiago de Cuba and New Orleans.  Through dialogue, workshops, exhibitions, and cultural immersion, participants will explore the rich and unique relationship between these two unparalleled cities.

2017 Cuba - New Orleans Carnival Exchange from Flag Fantasy on Vimeo.

Part One
Wednesday, February 22, 2017 – Thursday, March 2, 2017
DiasporaES kicked off the series with Part One: “Cuba Meets the Big Easy” on February 23, 2017 with the world renowned Compañia All Stars direct from Santiago de Cuba. Dancers representing companies from San Francisco, Boston, Toronto, New York, and New Orleans joined the All Stars for a Cuban infused Mardi Gras Experience.

Part Two
Sunday, July 23, 2017 - Friday, July 28, 2017
DiasporaES is excited to announce Part Two: "Carnival in Santiago de Cuba" of the series, with space now available to the public. Join our Cultural Delegation with representatives from the New Orleans Mardi Gras krewe, Zulu Social Aid and Pleasure Club, as we explore firsthand Santiago’s rich history and electrifying carnival culture.

Here's wishing all participants in this exchange a safe and enjoyable trip to Cuba in July! Order your FlagFans now in order to cope with the Cuban heat! A Cool Necessity Indeed!


Your Fans at

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2017 New York Teen Fashion Week!

New Yorkers experienced an extra treat this past Easter Weekend when @TyedByDede presented his crew of awesome teen models wearing his custom designed Caribbean flag inspired Bow Tie creations!  These models were HOT and needed to stay COOL under pressure on the runway.  Flag Fantasy was proud to support their effort by providing FlagFan accessories to complement the Bow Ties!  A winning combination!  Congrats to all who participated in this successful presentation. The North American Carnival Season is just around the corner so order yours today! 

Bow Ties by @TyedByDede ( 

FlagFans by @FlagFantasy ( 

2017 NY Teen Fashion Week from Flag Fantasy on Vimeo.


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